September 2017 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Shanti Yoga Studio, Nelson BC, September 17th-October 19th , $2500

Spend a full month immersed in the blissful world of yoga. Brilliant instruction. Remarkable progression. We invite you to come study with us.

Nelson enjoys spectacular weather in September.  Our Fall Teacher Training  students tap into breathtaking hiking & late summer fun on world famous Kootenay Lake.

Each training day at the studio ends at 5:00, allowing countless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in this stunning part of BC. A quick drive up to Balfour for a breathtaking Ferry ride across Kootenay Lake. The Ferry is the longest free boat ride in North America. This short trip is a ‘must do’ and round trip takes less than 2 hours. Once back on the Balfour side of Kootenay Lake, it’s just 15 minutes up the lake to world famous Ainsworth Hot Springs where yoga students get a deep soak with the amazing waters of the springs.

Meditation practice is something we get to enjoy outdoors every Wednesday morning. We select a different outdoor location each week, giving students the chance to commune with the beauty that surrounds us here.

Week I – Connecting to yoga


  • Developing a Daily Yoga Practice.
  • Alignment Principles: The Power of the Aligned Spine.
  • Iyengar vs. Pattabhi Jois: Precision vs. Breath.
  • Modern Yoga.


  • The Paths of Yoga.
  • Pranayama Introduction: The Power of Breath.
  • Meditation: Introduction to Techniques.
  • Introducing Yoga History.
  • Introducing Yoga Philosophy.
  • The Energy of Yoga.
  • Introducing Ethics.


  • Teaching with the Breath.
  • Beginning Teaching Technique: Symmetrical Postures and Asymmetrical Postures-Creating Balanced Action.
  • Observation Games in Simple Postures.
  • Teaching Simple Sun Salutations.

After the first week. Students have settled into our beautiful studio and the lovely town of Nelson. They’ve met lifelong friends, put to rest fear of the unknown, and set an intentional and positive rhythm to carry them through the course.

Week II: Enriching understanding & discovering the teacher within


  • Tapping into the Enrichment of the Daily Practice.
  • Inversion Workshop.
  • Backbend Workshop.

Yoga History & Philosophy

  • Focused History and Philosophy: Classical and Tantra.
  • Introducing Ayurveda
  • Determining Doshas: Seeing Types of Students.


  • Opening to Grace: Deeper Layers of the Yoga Practice.
  • Introduction to Yin Yoga and the benefits of Restorative Yoga.
  • Pre and Post Natal Yoga.
  • Ethics in Practice


  • Level II Teaching Technique: Sequencing and Transitions.
  • Learning to Articulate Concisely.
  • Types of Language.


  • Introduction to Functional Anatomy
  • Understanding Biomechanics of Movement

Having established a productive rhythm; students will begin feeling confident and capable thanks to specialized workshops, designed to give students the knowledge and skills to deliver technical information safely and effectively.

Week III: Deepening the practice, being the teacher.


  • Advancing the Daily Practice.
  • Inversion Workshop Level II
  • Backbend Workshop Level II

Yoga History & Philosophy

  • The Upanishads
  • The Sutras: Applying Ancient Wisdom to Modern Day Yoga


  • Themes: Adding Meaning to Classes
  • The Business of Yoga: Creating Success
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Deepened Pranayama


  • Refining Technique: The Teaching Practice.
  • Developing Observation Skills.
  • Designing Classes


  • Anatomy Level II
  • Respiratory Anatomy

By the fourth week students are feeling strong and inspired. Chances are this will be the most immersive yoga experience in their lives thus far. Excited by the possibilities, students begin to imagine what their yoga classes will be like.

Week IV: Revealing a powerful teacher.


  • The Daily Asana Practice Fully Revealed.
  • Structural Therapy.
  • The Brilliance of the Ashtanga Practice.


  • The Chakras.
  • The Nadis.
  • The Energetic Body.


  • Designing Routines for Private Clients.
  • Developing a Private Intake
  • Finding Your Voice: Practice, Practice, Practice

Coming into the final days of training, students are experincing profound transitions. Inspired by new and creative ways of thinking, being, and moving. Teachers are excited to share it with others, and work on a practicum class with the support of their mentors and peers.

Week V: Revealing a powerful teacher.

The Final Days of Study:

  • Drawing Inspiration from Daily Self Practice.
  • Continued Asana Review.
  • Refining Teaching Technique:
  • Tutorials & Small Class Practices.
  • Practicums.
  • Supported Debrief & Evaluations.

Graduates of Shanti Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training program have an excellent foundation to begin teaching yoga and leave excited to continue being lifelong students.

“Recently I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at Shanti Yoga Studio in Nelson, BC. In gratitude for this experience, I thought I’d write a reflection on my story in relation to this amazing studio.

Like many good things in my life, I found Shanti Yoga through coincidence and good timing.  My boyfriend and I had been on the road traveling in a van for the better part of 5 months. We had caught giant salmon, hunted a bull moose, gotten flat tires attempting to go where few people venture, we had swam in freezing lakes, kayaked flowing rivers but we were at a point where our traveling goals had been met. The question was, what to do next? So we hopped in the van like we always do and drove from Jasper, AB to some hot springs we liked. Two days later we were at Lussier hot springs in BC. I had wanted to do my YTT for a while out of my passion for yoga but my confidence always prevented me from envisioning myself as a teacher. At this crossroads, I looked up a few yoga courses and realized that Shanti YTT was beginning in 3 days! Nelson was a five hour drive from where I was. I called the studio, thought about finances and signed up the day before the course whilst driving to Nelson.

So I can safely say dumb luck found me the perfect YTT.  Anyway, I arrived at that course unsure about everything, not having practiced yoga regularly since being on the road, not knowing where my boyfriend and I could stay at night and feeling a little scattered. The first morning Avalon taught us a class but Joy was the first to speak to us. She asked us if anyone slept well the night before, and I realized that everyone was as troubled as I was. Avalon’s class was so impressive and unique and Joy’s character and wisdom so profound that after just the first day I felt inspired to learn, and sure that I was going to.

I am a Massage Therapist so when entering the course my knowledge of anatomy was sound, but there was a lot I didn’t know. The course reawakened my love of movement and enforced anatomical laws through each asana taught. Advanced technique, which improves safety and alignment in our poses became more and more obviously important. We learned to activate our deeper core muscles and not to recruit muscles that don’t serve us in each pose. And better yet we learned specific cues to help us to guide others to do the same. 

Each day we strengthened our own practice and increased our knowledge. My boyfriend had been suffering from sciatic pain and a bakers cyst in his hamstring tendon. He took it upon himself to attend many of the drop in classes during my time at the course. They were kind enough to let him sit in on some lessons they believed also would be helpful for him which was very generous.The three teachers each gave their own personal touches to our training. Avalon has a great sense of humour, teaches very technically, and her classes are extremely well structured. Sarah is energetic, challenging and creative, and Joy is inspiring, anatomy based and spiritual. If you understand the three doshas of Ayurveda we had Vata, Pita and Kapha perfectly balanced and working together in a magical way. Our Training instructors brought variety and many teaching styles of Yoga to the course, creating something for everyone.

Upon finishing the course you could see all the students confidence had grown. Everyone got to teach classes, which was inspiring to see all that we had learned come together. I could see physical changes in my boyfriend Scott. He was taller and able to go on long walks again without aggravating his leg. I have always been nervous to be the centre of attention, so teaching terrified me. But I found my flow and taught just how I wanted. It felt great and I was moved by the end of it.

After the hard work and learning so much I was not only inspired to teach but I felt obliged. I wanted to share what I had learned. My idea was to make my own class where I was moving and when I asked about yoga mats, Joy offered to give me some. They wanted me out there teaching as much as I did. I left feeling confident and happy, physically stronger and more connected to my core. I knew my posture had changed in the 30 days, but I was still blown away when I saw my before and after pictures! Amazing what yoga can achieve in just 1 month. How could I not share this practice? I am now teaching at a studio in Invermere. It feels great! Something I never thought I would do. Thank you Shanti Yoga!!”

Thanks again for everything.
Kindest regards,
Hollie P.