Fall 2018 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Shanti Yoga Studio, Nelson BC, September 16 - October 198, Early Bird Tuition $2400

Spend a month immersed in the blissful world of yoga in beautiful Nelson BC.

Brilliant instruction. Remarkable progression. We invite you to come study with us.

Our training instructors are unsurpassed in technique and delivery. Drawing upon rich & wonderfully varied backgrounds, our teachers infuse the yoga practice with elegant and skillful alignment techniques.

Studio Director Joy Morrell has studied yoga for 40 years.  Joy’s depth of compassion and intuitive teaching style enriches the training experience. Joy teaches Therapeutics, Alignment and Yoga Anatomy in such a way that even students with little anatomy background are absorbed into the world of biomechanics with ease. Students coming to Training with anatomy backgrounds are no less delighted by the refreshing delivery and yoga specific postural anatomy section of the Training. Joy Morrell, Sarah Bresnahan, and Avalon Funk form a powerful teaching team, each sharing their specific skill sets, guiding Training students into the richness of the practice.  Learning from a group of  instructors with this level of skill and refinement is highly effective, and creates the most well rounded teachers possible.

Throughout the month students are drawn more fully into the brilliance of the Asana, the profound rebalancing of the Pranayama & calm centering found in the practice of Meditation. With great care and devotion, our training instructors instill alignment techniques, finesse and confidence in students as they begin to open the door to teaching. The bright personalities and friendly open nature of our entire staff creates ease for students and makes the experience fun.

Our unique training schedule provides time for study, participation in studio classes, and ample opportunities to practice and develop sequencing, voice, and theming.

Early Bird Tuition is $2400 until July 31 2019. Regular Tuition is $2600.

Week I – connecting to yoga


  • Developing a Daily Yoga Practice.
  • Alignment Principles: The Power of the Aligned Spine.
  • Iyengar vs. Pattabhi Jois: Precision vs. Breath.
  • Modern Yoga.


  • The Paths of Yoga.
  • Pranayama Introduction: The Power of Breath.
  • Meditation: Introduction to Techniques.
  • Introducing Yoga History.
  • Introducing Yoga Philosophy.
  • The Energy of Yoga.
  • Introducing Ethics.


  • Teaching with the Breath.
  • Beginning Teaching Technique: Symmetrical Postures and Asymmetrical Postures-Creating Balanced Action.
  • Observation Games in Simple Postures.
  • Teaching Simple Sun Salutations.


After the first week. Students have settled into our beautiful studio and the lovely town of Nelson. They’ve met lifelong friends, put to rest fear of the unknown, and set an intentional and positive rhythm to carry them through the course.

Week II: Enriching understanding & discovering the teacher within


  • Tapping into the Enrichment of the Daily Practice.
  • Inversion Workshop.
  • Backbend Workshop.

Yoga History & Philosophy

  • Focused History and Philosophy: Classical and Tantra.
  • Introducing Ayurveda
  • Determining Doshas: Seeing Types of Students.


  • Opening to Grace: Deeper Layers of the Yoga Practice.
  • Introduction to Yin Yoga and the benefits of Restorative Yoga.
  • Pre and Post Natal Yoga.
  • Ethics in Practice


  • Level II Teaching Technique: Sequencing and Transitions.
  • Learning to Articulate Concisely.
  • Types of Language.


  • Introduction to Functional Anatomy
  • Understanding Biomechanics of Movement

Having established a productive rhythm; students will begin feeling confident and capable thanks to specialized workshops, designed to give students the knowledge and skills to deliver technical information safely and effectively.

Week III: Deepening the practice, being the teacher.


  • Advancing the Daily Practice.
  • Inversion Workshop Level II
  • Backbend Workshop Level II

Yoga History & Philosophy

  • The Upanishads
  • The Sutras: Applying Ancient Wisdom to Modern Day Yoga


  • Themes: Adding Meaning to Classes
  • The Business of Yoga: Creating Success
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Deepened Pranayama


  • Refining Technique: The Teaching Practice.
  • Developing Observation Skills.
  • Designing Classes


  • Anatomy Level II
  • Respiratory Anatomy

By the fourth week students are feeling strong and inspired. Chances are this will be the most immersive yoga experience in their lives thus far. Excited by the possibilities, students begin to imagine what their yoga classes will be like.

Week IV: Revealing a powerful teacher.


  • The Daily Asana Practice Fully Revealed.
  • Structural Therapy.
  • The Brilliance of the Ashtanga Practice.


  • The Chakras.
  • The Nadis.
  • The Energetic Body.


  • Designing Routines for Private Clients.
  • Developing a Private Intake
  • Finding Your Voice: Practice, Practice, Practice

Coming into the final days of training, students are experiencing profound transitions. Inspired by new and creative ways of thinking, being, and moving. Teachers are excited to share it with others, and work on a practicum class with the support of their mentors and peers.

Week V: Revealing a powerful teacher.

The Final Days of Study:

  • Drawing Inspiration from Daily Self Practice.
  • Continued Asana Review.
  • Refining Teaching Technique:
  • Tutorials & Small Class Practices.
  • Practicums.
  • Supported Debrief & Evaluations.

Graduates of Shanti Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training program have an excellent foundation to begin teaching yoga and leave excited to continue being lifelong students.

As I entered a new era of my life. ..my evolution brought me to Shanti Yoga….at the most wonderful time indeed!  Joy,  Avalon & Sarah are and always will be some of the greatest gurus in my life.  They helped transform & mould me into a new me! They can and will do the same for you!  Forever grateful to their deep knowledge of the body and understanding nature of the heart…..each unique and therefore together making mine and many others experience truly complete!
Namasté to all! Kyler S.
My experience here was one of self discovery, self transformation and personal growth that left me with a burning passion in my heart. Any aspiring yogi, or yogini, would be lucky to join in any of Shanti Yoga’s wonderful therapeutic practices. Safe and fun for students of all ages, and all skill levels. I was certified as an instructor through their 200 YTT course and I can confidently say that my life is forever changed. Shanti yoga helped me find well-being, tranquility, and spiritual purpose.

Thank you Shanti Yoga! Sabin D.