Vinyasa Flow

Ashtanga Vinyasa style flow classes. Vinyasa flow matches breathe with movement to create a strong, steamy practice. A wonderful form of moving meditation, class will leave you feeling inspired and deeply focused. Come prepared to move and sweat.

Deep Yin

Ananda is Sanskrit for bliss. Our Yin Yoga classes will leave you feeling peaceful and calm. Expect longer holds in deep stretch to gain flexibility and ease in the hips.


Physically, most of us need a class each week that focuses on building and balancing core strength. Our outer layers of muscle tend to be ‘on’ much of the time, while our deep core gets less activation. This practice identifies the core muscles for students and effectively conditions them all.

Gentle Yoga

Classes begin with deep relaxation. Students are encouraged to build strength, but also to work at their own pace and to honor the way they are feeling each class. Expect to have fun, to be inspired and to learn a great deal about the body.

Flow Yoga

Great classes for students looking to flow without building a sweat. Flow Yoga focuses on building a strong foundation in the basic standing poses and finding strength and flexibility through simple sun salutes. These classes will leave you feeling balanced in body and mind.

Flow into Yin

Warm your practice with foundational standing poses, core awakening & simple yet strong transitions.  This class focuses on the building blocks of vinyasa flow teaching a balance of strength and stability to help your practice transform.