Tea Bar

With over a dozen organic loose leaf tea blends, Shanti has something for everyone. Sweet tooth? Try our Chocolate Strawberry Saffron Black tea. Looking to calm both body and mind? Peace of Mind is the perfect herbal tea, combining eight healing herbs and edible flower petals. Sold in one and four ounce tins, or enjoy a delicious tea latte after your Yoga class.

Handmade Jewelry

The Bodhi tree is known as the tree of enilightenment. Legend says that each tree is a direct descendant of the one that Buddha sat under as he reached enlightenment. The Bodhi seeds are carefully selected and strung on meditational necklaces and bracelets. Drop in and check out our stunning array of devotional jewelry.

Yoga Clothing, Mats, Props

Shanti has all the props you need to create a sacred space at home. A stunning selection of Halfmoon Yoga Props, Manduka Yoga Mats and Natural Rubber Jade Mats will bring your practice to the next level.